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Bring Back the Bees
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Can typos save a species?

The world’s honeybees were dying in record numbers, but no one seemed to notice. Burt’s Bees asked us to help people pay attention. So we killed off something people would notice: the letter “B” itself.

We helped Burt’s walk the walk, dropping the “B’s” from the company name, website, social channels and even from their world-famous lip balm packaging, too.


For every B-less lip balm sold, Burt’s pledged to plant 1,000 bee-sustaining wildflower seeds. Concerned Twitter fans started dropping the “B’s” from their tweets and tagging them #bringbackthebees. For every tweet, Burt’s pledged to plant 1,000 wildflowers, too. The goal: 1 billion wildflowers planted.


(B)adass Influencers: Collaborating with celebrities like Lea Michelle and Ian Harding, we amplified the call-to-environmental-action, helping #bringbackthebees trend on Twitter and ensuring thousands of acres of bee-sustaining habitat would be planted.



Not only did we hit our billion-flower goal, but we exceeded it by another half a billion

Even more importantly, we helped raise global awareness at a critical time in the honeybee’s history

1.5 billion wildflowers planted

600,000 B-less balms sold

500,000 uses of the #bringbackthebees hashtag

Burt’s most-engaged social post, with more than 109,000 RTs

250,000+ media and PR impressions

100 million PR impressions

Effie finalist in the Social Good category

Made the Blind Melon bee girl slightly famous again