Burt’s Bees

Love Your Nature
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What makes you different makes you beautiful

Burt’s Bees is a different kind of beauty company. So when they created a different kind of lipstick – one that married beauty with all-natural substances – we needed a different way to introduce it to the world. One thing was clear: the typical fan-blowing-the-hair-of-a-famous-model approach wasn’t going to cut it.

To Burt’s Bees, beauty comes from the inside out, but why not make the outside look great too? So we told stories of women who loved the one thing that made them who they are, and also the one thing most beauty brands would try to hide instead: their imperfections.


Almost overnight, Burt’s became the #7 lip color brand in the category

(The category that includes behemoths like Revlon and Covergirl)

310 million earned impressions in the launch year

2.65 million video views

The #1 beauty pin on Pinterest for 3 months in a row