Burt’s Bees

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Sometimes your iconic product is too iconic

That was the case with Burt’s Bees’ original peppermint lip balm. Everyone loved it so much, they thought it was the only flavor lip balm Burt’s offered. We needed to change that perception in younger customers stat, before a certain spherical competitor got too much momentum.

We started by creating Burt’s Bees’ first-ever TV campaign, bursting with real-fruit explosions, and then we blew the lid off in print and social. Sorry – cap, not lid.


Uncap the Duo: Our younger, phone-attached-to-face target was doing more than watching TV and reading print, so we also worked with insanely popular musical group Us The Duo to write six-second Vine jingles for each flavor. We’ll call them “Vingles.”



The campaign completely reframed the brand. It actually grew Burt’s Bees’ lip balm market share by 15%.

4000% increase in Amazon sales the week the TV spot launched

Outpaced category growth: 22% vs. 3.8%

Us The Duo content resulted in a 9.7% lift in lip balm sales