Krispy Kreme

World’s Sweetest Coupon

Feeding feeds with the most delicious coupon

Coupons are boring. How do you make them less boring while driving more traffic to the stores during the busy holiday season?

We combined the coupon with our most unique brand asset: the glaze waterfall. With a little welding magic, we were able to make the glaze fall in a perfect barcode shape. Viewers were then able to present the video of the glaze coupon in person, right from their social feeds. Bringing a whole new meaning to “feeds.”



The second most engaged post on all of Instagram in December

Trended on Facebook for 5 days

7 million Facebook impressions

1.2 million organic reach on Facebook

Twitter engagements up 466%

Sales saw an 83.5% increase over a typical December Saturday

Named 2016 Digital Campaign of the Year by Ad Age